We make pool safety affordable! We comply with new Pool Safety By-Laws

Quick-Release System – Easy to use. Pre-Shrunk with 6 Year Warrantee.
UV & Chemical Resistant. Choice of Hooking System.
4.2mm Polyethyelene Rope with breaking strain of 160kg – extra strong!
Movable Polyethelene Float.  

safety nets

safety nets

safety nets

safety nets

Unique Quick-Release system The Quick-Release system enables an adult to remove and replace the net quickly and easily.  A child CANNOT operate this system. Our unique elongated design enables us to adapt the tensioning system according to pool size. The larger the pool, the larger the tensioning system, thus no need for two tensioning systems. Net remains easy and simple to use.


Floatation device Our nets are equipped with a removable floatation device.  The float is inserted where the net is most likely to touch the water when weight is placed upon it.  The number of floats used is directly proportionate to the size of the pool.  The most useful feature of the removable float is that it can be removed when not needed, thus enhancing the look of your net


Technical specifications All our safety nets are made of a 4.2mm high density polyethelene braid.  It has a breaking strain of 160kg, and is U.v. and chemically resistant. Our safety nets has a life expectancy of app 15 years. The mesh size we use is 10 x 10cm. This size has been proven to be the safest for baby and toddler safety.

Secur-a-pool was the first company to use the smaller 10 x 10cm square, which we have been using for the last 15 years, without one single drowning… 

The square is small enough to ensure that a baby or toddlers’ head will NOT fit through, but also big enough to prevent mobility on the net.  Thus, your toddler will never end up in the middle of the net out of your reach. We make our nets in either blue or black, no price difference, same quality.

Hooking system We take great pride in our one of a kind hooking mechanism. We drill an 8mm hole into your paving at an angle. This is reinforced with a pvc plug to protect your pool surround. Our 6mm hook fits into this plug and is permanently attached to your net.

Once the net is removed, the hook remains part of it, and the only thing left on your paving is just the small reinforced hole into which it fits.  Thus no unsightly protruding hooks, and no chances of injury around the pool. This unobtrusive system is adaptable to any type of pool surround, and will not rust or corrode.


Shape & Fit All our nets are tailor made to fit your pool perfectly. Our nets can be installed on rimflow pools, rock pools and all types of ponds and water features. You can choose between blue and black in colour.


Levers A hand lever is supplied with every safety net and cover to enable the user to remove the hooks quickly and easily, without scraping fingers !! A larger lever can be supplied as an optional extra for use around pools with limited space, or for individuals with minimal strength.


Storage options  Storage bag.  This is a more cost effective option to storing your net and protecting it from damage.


DIY option We also offer a full Do-it-yourself kit for customers that do not fall within our service regions.

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