At Secur-a-Pool we manufacture Mine Netting to your specifications.  Every mining project has it’s own unique applications that need to be addressed, and that is where Secur-a-Pool Mine Netting comes to the fore.


Our Mine Netting is available in different line thicknesses, square sizes and colors.


Our Mine Netting is available for underground applications, as well as open mines. 


The material we use for our Mine Netting will not become moldy or rot, adding to the safety as well as aesthetic value of our Mine Netting

We manufacture Standard Safety Nets, Ore Pass Nets, Development End nets & Workface Nets

10mm High Density Polyethelene rope – will not rot, hold water or decay


Reinforced with Polysteel Rope edging


12mm Carabine Snap Hooks


UV & Chemical Resistant